18 Unique Whiskey Glasses Everyone Will Want (Oh the Irony!)

There are lots of unique whiskey glasses out there, though if you buy one of the more popular ones you’ll find, ironically, that everyone else has got one. Of course, these whiskey glasses are not unique in terms of their being a one of a kind. They’re unique because they’re in some way unlike any of the 4 types of whiskey glasses.

There are different ways whiskey glasses can be unique. They may have an unusual shape or design, or they may have a distinct feature that enhances the flavor of the whiskey. They can be personalized or have an etching or print that you might not expect to see on a whiskey glass.

Or they can be so unique that they need a category of their own.

Here are my favorite 18 unique whiskey glasses.

Whiskey Glasses With a Unique Shape or Design

1. KANARS Emperor Whiskey Glasses

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These whiskey glasses are certainly not your average looking cut crystal whiskey glasses with intricate design. They’re oversized glasses with grooves that ensure they do not easily slip from your grip, but for me it’s their striking appearance that makes them unique.

2. Everest Whiskey Glasses

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These unique whiskey glasses contain a 3D model of Mount Everest in their base with the summit breaking through into the main part of the glass – so don’t forget to pour yourself a little more whiskey to make up for the amount displaced by the highest peak in the world.

3. Golf Whiskey Glasses

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What’s there to say about whiskey glasses shaped like a golf ball. Apart from don’t buy them for someone who doesn’t enjoy a round or two of golf. Or for someone who doesn’t enjoy a round or two of whiskey drinking. Anyone who enjoys both are sure to appreciate these unique whiskey glasses.

Whiskey Glasses With Unique Features That Enhance the Flavor of the Whiskey

4. Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses

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The purpose of nosing glasses is to enhance the flavor of the whiskey by letting air get to it so that the ethanol evaporates and you can pick up the whiskey aromas. These whiskey glasses are unique because its shape allows the whiskey to be aerated even as it’s poured into the glass and swirls around inside.

Personally, I just think that a whiskey glass that stands on its side looking like it’s about to fall over and spill its contents but doesn’t, is just cool. In fact, the more whiskey I drink the more amazed I am.

5. Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glasses

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Swirling can be useful as it increases the amount of air that gets to the whiskey. The more air the more ethanol evaporates and the easier it is to detect the whiskey aromas. Now I’m not saying that these Sagaform rocking glasses were designed to be automatic swirlers, but since they rock from side to side (the bottom of these glasses are curved, so they tilt from side to side without spilling their contents) a certain amount of swirling is done for you.

6. The Norlan Whisky Glass

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In order to let the ethanol evaporate and the whiskey aromas accumulate, most nosing glass are tulip shaped with a wider bowl and a long narrow neck. This is in contrast to whiskey tumblers whose wide opening means most of the whiskey aromas will dissipate.

The Norlan whiskey glass is unique because it’s the only nosing glass that looks like a tumbler. This is achieved with a double wall so that the outside is shaped like a tumbler while the inside is scientifically designed to bring out the best in your whiskey.

One of the design elements are protrusions at the bottom of the glass which create a wave shape when you swirl your whiskey. This means even more air to your whiskey and even more ethanol evaporating.

Personalized Whiskey Glasses

The easiest way to make a whiskey glass unique is to personalize it. And of course, this can be done in one of several ways.

7. Whiskey Glass With Monogram Initial

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This glass has a hand cast pewter badge in the style of a wax seal which can contain a monogram of your initial.

8. Personalized Whiskey Glasses

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Of course, you can have your name engraved onto your whiskey glass.

9. Personalized Whiskey Label

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If you want something even more substantial, this glass has an entire whiskey label that you can personalize with your own private reserve or whiskey distillery. Don’t worry, you can still get one of these glasses even if for some absurd reason you don’t actually have a private reserve or whiskey distillery of your own.

Whiskey Glasses With Unique Etchings or Prints

10. Whiskey Glass With Mark Twain Quote

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A quote etched into a whiskey glass can give it added style and class, although it may depend on who’s being quoted and what exactly it is they’re saying. This great quote, about the greatness of whiskey, from a great author is an example of the former possibility.

11. Alice in Wonderland Whiskey Glasses

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Going a step further, for those who love literature and enjoy classic novels, these whiskey glasses have the first page of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland printed on them together with an image from the Mad Hatter’s tea party that appeared in the vintage first edition book. These unique whiskey glasses are bound to provoke some questions and it’s a good idea to be prepared. So if you haven’t read the book in a while, you should read its synopsis here.

12. Declaration of Independence Whiskey Glasses

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Going a step even further, these unique whiskey glasses have the United States Declaration of Independence wrapped around the entire glass. This imbues these glasses with a meaning that most whiskey glasses don’t have.

And it doesn’t have to be writing that’s added to a whiskey glass.

13. Landscape Whiskey Glasses

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These whiskey glasses have a beautiful forest landscape. Add whiskey and now the landscape has a sunset view. Drink the whiskey and you’re back to daytime view. Pour another whiskey and repeat for as many sunsets as you wish to see. Now you know why I like these whiskey glasses so much.

14. Kraken Whiskey Glasses

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If having a print on your whiskey glasses makes them unique then they’ll be even more unique if what’s depicted is one of a kind. That’s exactly what makes these whiskey glasses which feature the fearsome Kraken – the legendary giant sea monster from Scandinavian folklore – so unique. The creature is mythical, so I assume the depiction is not 100% accurate.

15. The Godfather Whiskey Glass

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For those who love movies, these whiskey glasses are etched with the logo and a famous quote from one of the greatest movies of all time. Officially licensed by Paramount Pictures they are a unique collectable item.

16. Etched World Globe Whiskey Glasses

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Whiskey glasses etched with a map of the globe will be loved by everyone, as long as they’re from this planet. If they’re not from this planet, hopefully they’ll love what’s contained inside them. If even that doesn’t move them, then we’re in real trouble.

Whiskey Glasses That Are so Unique They Need a Category of Their Own

17. SHTOX Roulette Rotating Whiskey Glasses

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The SHTOX Roulette Rotating whiskey glasses can be made to spin on the table in front of you with a slight twist of your hand (carefully obviously – they are made of crystal). Yes, you read that right. You twist them and they will spin. Unbelievable, I know.

There are several designs, each creating a different and mesmerizing visual effect as they spin around. We all like to admire our whiskey before drinking it, but these unique rotating whiskey glasses take that experience to a whole new level.

18. BOLDLOFT Couple Whiskey Glasses

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Leaving the cutest till last, these unique whiskey glasses don’t fit into any category because their uniqueness is that they’re meant for couples. With 12 variations, these his and her whiskey glasses allow you to enjoy the whiskey you love with the one you love. That way you’ll never have to decide which one you love more.

Not that it isn’t completely obvious anyway.

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