How Much Is Jack Daniel’s Whiskey (Prices & Sizes Guide)

Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling whiskey brand in the world, but with different expressions and different bottle sizes, and prices varying depending on location, it can be difficult to know exactly how much their whiskeys cost. Fortunately, I’m a fan of Jack Daniel’s so it was in my best interest to simplify everything as you’ll see in the rest of this article.

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Three jack daniel's whiskeys and a price list

How Much does Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Cost

The following two tables show the approximate prices of the main Jack Daniel’s whiskeys in the US and UK / Europe respectively.

In the US, the standard whiskey bottle size is 750ml. There are also two large sizes of 1L and 1.75L. The approximate prices in the US of the main Jack Daniel’s whiskeys for these sized bottles are:

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7$23$30$32
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye$22$40N / A
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey$22$38$39
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire$22$38$39
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple$23N / AN / A
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack$32$46$47
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra SelectN / A$176N / A
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select$55$65N / A
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye$55N / AN / A
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof$68N / AN / A

In the EU, the standard size for a bottle of whiskey is 700ml / 70cl and larger sized bottles of Jack Daniel’s are less common than in the US. The approximate prices in the UK / Europe of the main Jack Daniel’s whiskeys for a 700ml / 70cl bottle, in both UK pound sterling and the euro are:

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7£18€21
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye£23€28
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey£19€22
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire£19€22
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple£19€22
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack£27€32
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – 1L / 100cl£125€147
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select£37€44
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye£45€53
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength£58€69

Obviously, Jack Daniel’s costs more in the UK and Europe than it does in the US where it’s made, as any import fees, taxes and tariffs are added to the price. If it seems that the prices are similar (after calculating the exchange rate) remember that the bottles sold in Europe are smaller than the bottles sold in the USA. You may be spending a similar amount of money but as you’re getting less Jack Daniel’s, it’s more expensive.

The Cheapest Jack Daniel’s Whiskeys

As you can see from the tables above, the cheapest Jack Daniel’s whiskeys are:

  • Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7
  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye

Old No. 7 is the standard Jack Daniel’s expression, and the Tennessee Rye is the standard Jack Daniel’s expression with more rye in the mash bill, so it makes sense that they are the cheapest Jack Daniel’s whiskeys.

The Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Apple and Tennessee Fire are just as cheap, however, they’re not technically whiskeys (as they’re only 35%ABV and contain caramel coloring) but rather a whiskey liqueur drink – they’re a blend of Old No. 7 and Jack Daniel’s own honey, apple, and cinnamon liqueur respectively.

Although the Old No. 7 and Tennessee Rye are the cheapest Jack Daniel’s whiskeys in terms of price, they’re not the cheapest Jack Daniel’s whiskeys in terms of value. The single barrel and barrel proof Jack Daniel’s whiskeys may cost more than the standard expressions, but they’re also much better (they have a higher ABV and are aged for longer) and are in fact, quite cheap for what they are.

This is in contrast with the standard expressions and the whiskey liqueurs which, although the cheapest Jack Daniel’s whiskeys in terms of price, are relatively expensive for what they are (although being at the cheaper end of the spectrum means they can’t be that much more expensive for what they are).

For more information on Jack Daniel’s whiskeys, see my in-depth review of them here.

The Most Expensive Jack Daniel’s Whiskeys

Screenshot of the sales page of the most expensive Jack Daniel's whiskey

As you can see from the table above, the most expensive Jack Daniel’s whiskeys are:

  • Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack
  • Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack is charcoal filtered twice for extra smoothness – all Jack Daniel’s whiskeys are charcoal filtered once which is why they’re relatively smooth to start off with, and if extra smoothness is something you value then this Jack Daniel’s whiskey will certainly be worth it. But you could easily get a better whiskey at this price.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is certainly better than the Gentleman Jack and Old No. 7, but it’s also certainly not worth the five times higher price. The truth is that the price is really for the history and lore that comes with a commemorative bottle celebrating one of the most famous men to drink Jack Daniel’s, rather than for the whiskey itself.

Although the Gentleman Jack and Sinatra Select are the most expensive Jack Daniel’s whiskeys, that’s only when you look at their main expressions. There are also over 50 Limited and Special Editions of Jack Daniels, some of which are very expensive and others which are very, very expensive. The following table shows the most expensive Jack Daniel’s whiskeys ever:

Jack Daniel’s Scenes From Lynchburg No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey$972.99
Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary Special Tennessee$999.99
Jack Daniel’s 1981 Gold Medal Tennessee$999.99
Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select Tennessee Whiskey$1,018.99
Jack Daniels 1913 Gold Medal$1,538.99
Jack Daniel’s 1915 Gold Medal Series Tennessee Whiskey$1,403.99
Jack Daniel’s 1905 Gold Medal Series Tennessee Whiskey$1,538.99
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century Tennessee Whiskey$2,589.99
Jack Daniels 1955$5,043.03

Where To Buy Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Being the best-selling whiskey brand in the world means you can buy Jack Daniel’s almost everywhere alcohol is sold. You’ll find Jack Daniel’s in most bars across the world and your local liquor store, but you can also buy Jack Daniel’s online. It may cost more as you’ll probably need to pay for delivery too, but if you like convenience, here are some popular places to buy Jack Daniel’s online:

For readers in the US:

You can even buy Jack Daniel’s at Walmart!

For readers in the UK / Europe, you can buy Jack Daniel’s online at:

You can even buy Jack Daniel’s from Amazon (but only the UK site not the US site).

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