The 12 Most Expensive Jack Daniel’s Whiskeys – So Far

Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling whiskey brand in the world, and this is partly because most of their main expressions are relatively cheap. However, Jack Daniel’s also produces many special and limited editions, several of which are actually very high-priced. What follows is a list of the 12 most expensive Jack Daniel’s whiskeys I could find.

1. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – $176

A bottle of Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

As mentioned, most of the main Jack Daniel’s expressions are relatively cheap, which makes it even more noticeable when one of them is quite expensive. The following table shows the approximate prices of the main Jack Daniel’s whiskeys:

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7$23
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye$22
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey$22
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire$22
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple$22
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack$32
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select$176
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select$55
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye$55
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof$68

As you can see, being about five to seven times the price of the other main expressions, the price of the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select really stands out. It may be a bigger bottle than the others (1L, when the rest are 750ml) and it may be the only whiskey in this list that commemorates one of the most famous men to drink Jack Daniel’s, but it’s still very expensive for what it is.

You can buy a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select at, here.

2. Jack Daniel’s Before & After Mellowing – $497

A Jack Daniels Before and After Charcoal Mellowing Set

Charcoal mellowing or filtering (to remove impurities from the grain and the yeast) is so important to Jack Daniel’s that they claim it’s what makes their whiskeys a category of their own (Tennessee Whiskey not a bourbon).

The way Jack Daniel’s charcoal filter their whiskey is through 10-feet of charcoal over three to five days. This makes the Jack Daniel’s distillate soft and mellow even before it’s placed into barrels for aging. It’s this step that gives Jack Daniel’s its distinctive smoothness.

Don’t believe it? Then buy yourself Jack Daniel’s Before & After Mellowing, a set of two whiskeys that allow you to compare what the Jack Daniel’s distillate tastes like before the charcoal mellowing and after.

The set includes a glass jar of charcoal, presumably in case you want to try turning the before mellowing whiskey into the after mellowing whiskey. Check out its prices at, here.

3. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Heritage Barrel – $599

A bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Heritage Barrel

The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Heritage Barrel celebrates the art of barrel-making – an extremely important part of Jack Daniel’s whiskey making process, hence the name. The whiskey is aged in unique, hand selected barrels that were slowly heated before being charred, in order to give them a deeper and richer toasted layer. This creates a light but rich char that’s full of flavor.

The distillate that’s put into these barrels is diluted to 50%ABV so that the flavors of the grains in the mash bill can also assert themselves. The barrels are then aged in one of Jack Daniel’s most elevated barrelhouses, so that the increased changes in temperature improve the maturation process further. That’s why this is a rich and flavorful expression – costing approximately $599.

You can buy a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Heritage Barrel at, here.

4. Jack Daniel’s Bicentennial – $648

A bottle of Jack Daniels Bicentennial

1996 was Tennessee’s 200th anniversary of becoming the 16th State of the Union. To celebrate, Jack Daniel’s created the Bicentennial – a replica of the Jack Daniel’s Centennial created to celebrate Tennessee’s 100th anniversary of becoming the 16th State of the Union. It contains 48%ABV Jack Daniel’s whiskey and costs approximately $648. That may be expensive, but on the other hand it is for what’s for most of us, a once in a lifetime celebration.

You can find a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Bicentennial at, here.

5. Jack Daniel’s Monogram – $686

A bottle of Jack Daniels Monogram

The Jack Daniel’s Monogram is a nod to the legend that Jack Daniel served whiskey to his closest friends from his own personal, fine-glass, monogrammed decanters. Which is why this bottle of 47%ABV Jack Daniel’s whiskey has the Jack Daniel’s Monogram. Amazingly, this causes the price to skyrocket to approximately $686.

You can find a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Monogram at, here.

6. Jack Daniel’s Coy Hill High Proof – $783

A bottle of Jack Daniels Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey

Recently, Jack Daniel’s began doing a yearly release of cask strength whiskey. So far the whiskeys have been between 68.7% – 74.15%ABV, but they all come from single barrels matured in a barrelhouse on Coy Hill – the highest-elevated rolling hill on the Jack Daniel’s distillery property.

The location means the barrels are subject to more extreme weather conditions which helps the maturation process produce a whiskey with exceptional flavors, so it makes sense to use them for cask strength whiskeys that won’t be diluted.

The most expensive of these releases – so far, is approximately $783, and you can buy a bottle at, here.

7. Jack Daniel’s Scenes from Lynchburg No. 1 – $915

A bottle of Jack Daniels Scenes From Lynchburg No. 1

The Jack Daniel’s Scenes from Lynchburg whiskeys are a series of eight (in the US and 12 internationally) bottles of Jack Daniel’s, each of which depicts a different scene from life around Lynchburg. And in case it wasn’t obvious, Lynchburg, Tennessee is where Jack Daniel’s is made.

Clearly, some scenes are more important than others because the prices of the bottles in this series vary a lot. The cheapest is just over $200, several are around $350 or $450, and three are over $600. The Jack Daniel’s Scenes from Lynchburg No. 1 which features an image of the famous Jack Daniel statue found near the cave spring on the distillery grounds, is the most expensive of the series costing approximately $915.

You can find a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Scenes from Lynchburg No. 1 at, here.

8. Jack Daniel’s 1904 Gold Medal Series – $972.93

A bottle of Jack Daniels 1904 Gold Medal Series

The Jack Daniel’s Gold Medal Series are 10 whiskeys that celebrate a different gold medal won by the distillery – for best whiskey of course. Some of these whiskeys are as cheap as $175, others are $300, $400 or $500 and some are over $800.

At approximately $972, the Jack Daniel’s 1904 Gold Medal Series is the most expensive of them all and commemorates the very first Gold Medal won by the whiskey. It was in 1904 (obviously) at the World’s Fair Whiskey Competition in St. Louis, Missouri, and Jack Daniel’s was declared the finest whiskey in the world.

You can find a bottle of Jack Daniel’s 1904 Gold Medal Series at, here.

9. Jack Daniel’s Riverboat Captain – $1,157.39

A bottle of Jack Daniels Riverboat Captain

This 1.75 liter decanter, celebrates the steamboats that travelled the rivers across the country during the 1800s, and the captains who commanded them.

This may seem an unusual thing to commemorate but it makes more sense when you know the following two things. First, steamboats were how many people travelled across the country in those days. Second, Jack Daniel befriended some of their captains so that they would agree to stock their boats with his whiskey.

This caused the travelers to spread the (good) word about Jack Daniel’s whiskey to the places they were travelling to. It seems to me therefore, that this decanter is an expensive, $1,157 (approx.) lesson in advertising.

You can find a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Riverboat Captain at, here.

10. Jack Daniel’s Barrelhouse 1 – $1,214

A bottle of Jack Daniels Barrelhouse 1

Maturation is a very important part of the whiskey making process as it’s what gives a whiskey most of its flavors. However, the maturation process is affected by the location of the barrelhouse in which the barrel doing the maturing, is stored.

It’s no wonder then that Jack Daniel’s created a whiskey to commemorate one of its oldest and most famous barrelhouses. Barrelhouse 1 is located on a tall hill overlooking the distillery grounds and has seven stories – the perfect elevation for aging whiskey. Jack Daniel’s Barrelhouse 1 costs approximately $1,214.

You can find a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Barrelhouse 1 at, here.

11. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century – $2,300

A bottle of Jack Daniels Sinatra Century

Some of the brand’s success is probably due to Frank Sinatra for whom Jack Daniel’s was his drink of choice. To pay tribute to their biggest fan they created the first whiskey in this list, the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select which is aged in their ‘Sinatra Barrels’ that are unique because they have deep groves carved into their staves. This gives the whiskey more exposure to the oak, so it picks up more flavor than the standard Jack Daniel’s expressions.

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra, Jack Daniel’s created the Sinatra Century, which comes from 100 ‘Sinatra Select’ barrels that are hand-selected for their character and complex flavors. That’s why the Sinatra Century is a whiskey with a robust and refined taste.

The whiskey comes in a unique collector’s box with a small tribute booklet and a previously unreleased recording from 1966 at The Sands Hotel & Casino, and costs $2,300. You can buy a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century at, here.

12. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Bottled 1960 – $5,188

A bottle of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Bottled 1960

The most expensive Jack Daniel’s whiskey is a standard 750ml bottle of Old No. 7. What’s special about it is that it was made in 1960.

At over $5,000 it’s very expensive, but what’s worse is that the whiskey inside is cloudy and as it’s an old bottle, the seal has probably deteriorated and let air get to the whiskey causing it to oxidize. This means that if you do ever decide to buy a Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 that was bottled in 1960, it’s probably best that you don’t drink it.

You can find a bottle at, here.

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